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По умолчанию Golden Knights defenseman Luca Sbisa to miss 68 weeks after tearing ligament in hand

Vegas Golden Knights defenseman Luca Sbisa has been placed on injured reserve after suffering a torn ligament in his left hand. He is expected to miss six to eight weeks, the team announced Wednesday https://www.knightsstoreonline.com.The news was first reported by SDA in Switzerland.Sbisa sustained the injury in last Friday game against Chicago.Sbisa was involved in a fight with Chicago John Hayden in the second period of the Jan. 5 matchup, which could be the source of the injury. Sbisa did not take a shift in the third period, playing just 1049 in the contest, and did not play Tuesday against the Rangers.This setback comes after Sbisa played in just one game following an ankle injury that forced him to miss nine games. This is the third time Sbisa has been placed on IR this season. He has one goal and 10 points in 24 games.Should the 6-8 week timetable prove accurate, Sbisa could be ready to return by mid-February. The Knights have eight games remaining in January and five through the first two weeks of February. Vegas’ current five-day bye week as well as the short All-Star break should give Sbisa some extra time to recover https://www.knightsstoreonline.com/P...pson_Jersey-28.

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